Balustrade & Splashbacks


At Industrilex Manufacturing Pty Ltd we have endless options to satisfy your balustrade requirements. We are able to make up kits for self installation (DIY) through to full installation of commercial projects. The options are endless. Please view our gallery for ideas to suit your application. Some options include;

  • Round or square posts and handrail with wire
  • Round or square posts and handrail with glass clamps
  • Round posts and handrail with glazing channel
  • Posts fitted to suit timber handrail

All our installations and supplies are to Australian Standards. We also stock a full range of fittings including and not limited to wire, swages, thimbles and saddles. If you purchase a DIY kit we offer free use of tools with a refundable deposit.

Utensil Washer
Round posts/handrail with wire
Utensil Washer
Square posts/handrail
with glass clamps
Utensil Washer
Posts fitted to suit timber handrail


Stainless Steel Splashbacks are available in sizes up to 1200mm x 2400mm in brushed and mirror finish stainless steel. A standard thickness for splashback is 0.7mm, however stock is available up to 1.2mm in thickness. We recommend that Stainless Steel splashbacks be fitted to a non combustible backing.

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Utensil Washer
Brushed stainless steel splashback